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1. February 2020: Yongnan, Shu-Wei, Bowen and Hao's real-time frequency comb dynamics is accepted at Nature - Light: Science & Applications. Congrats, team!

2. February 2020: Yongjun and Jaime's optomechanical inertial sensor is accepted in Laser & Photonics Reviews. Congrats, Yongjun and Jaime!

3. January 2020: Jinghui's coherent satellite freqeuncy comb studies is published in Nature Comms. Phys. Congrats, Jinghui!

4. December 2019: Chee Wei is elected into the National Academy of Inventors.

5. December 2019: Welcome Dr. Xiang Cheng to our team!

6. November 2019: Baicheng's graphene biochemical sensing is published in Nature - Light: Science & Applications. Congrats, Baicheng!

7. October 2019: Welcome Shreyash Bhattarai and Dr. Wei Liu to our team!

8. September 2019: Chee Wei is elected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

9. July 2019: Welcome Dr. Yujin Cho, Talha, Jennifer, Futai, Dr. James McMillian, and Noah to our team.

10. May 2019: Yanhao has won the 2018 UCLA ECE departmental citation -- the Christina Huang Memorial Prize. Well-deserved, Yanhao!

11. April 2019: Heng Zhou's studies on dual-pumped frequency microcombs has been accepted in Nature - Light: Science & Applications. Congrats Heng.

12. April 2019: Talha Verebakan is awarded the UCLA Graduate Dean's Scholar Award, and Jennifer Quintana awarded the NSF Research Traineeship!

13. April 2019: Dr. James McMillan has successfully defended his PhD thesis - most well-deserved!

14. December 2018: Chee Wei is elected as a Fellow of SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics.

15. November 2018: Chee Wei is elected as a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

16. October 2018: Jinkang's study on the precision dual-mode microcavity stabilization to 10-uK temperature fluctuation levels have been accepted iinto Nature - Light: Science & Applications. Congrats Jinkang!

17. October 2018: Tingyi's photocurrent studies on graphene-silicon diodes have been accepted into Nature 2D. Congrats Prof. Gu!

18. October 2018: Dr. Jinkang Lim has accepted a research scientist position at LGS Innovations. Congrats Dr. Lim!

19. September 2018: Chanyeol's studies on excitons and trions in trilayer 2D transition metal dichalcogenides has been accepted into Nature 2D. Well-done, Chanyeol!

20. September 2018: Chee Wei received the 2018 NIH Trailblazer Award for precision sensing studies.

21. July 2018: Murat Can Sarihan receives the Fulbright Fellowship officially. Congrats, Murat!

22. June 2018: Kai-Chi Chang has received the Taiwan Ministry of Education Fellowship for outstanding studies in quantum photonics and communications!

23. May 2018: Dr. Jinghui Yang receives the UCLA ECE Distinguished PhD Dissertation Award in Physical & Wave Electronics!

24. March 2018: Our studies on graphene frequency combs has been accepted into Nature. Congratulations to Baicheng, Shu-Wei, Yuan (from Duan's group) and Abhinav!

25. March 2018: The new Engineering VI building is featured: .

26. December 2017: Jinghui Yang defends her PhD thesis with excellent merit. Congratulations, Dr. Yang!

27. October 2017: Our team alumni, Prof. Tingyi Gu, receives the prestigious AFOSR Young Investigator Award!

28. October 2017: Baicheng's study on THz plasmons in graphene heterostructures has been accepted in Nature Photonics. Congratulations to Baicheng!

29. September 2017: Shu-Wei, Jinghui and Shang-Hua's studies on Turing combs for THz generation has been accepted in Physical Review X, an initial study with Prof. Jarrahi's group. Congrats to all!

30. August 2017: Prof. Tingyi Gu, our group's alumni, has received the NASA Early Career Faculty Award! Congratulations to Prof. Gu!

31. August 2017: The Wong group has received a NSF $2M EFRI grant award on quantum communications, with collaborators at MIT and Caltech. We look forward to the outstanding science ahead.

32. July 2017: Bowen, Shu-Wei, and Yongnan's studies on real-time panoramic temporal imaging of femtosecond pulses has been published in Nature Communications, a collaborative study with Prof. Kenneth Wong's group in Hong Kong. Congrats to all!

33. June 2017: Jiagui's studies on chaos generation through the Drude electron-hole plasma and chip-scale optomechanics has been published in Nature Communications. Congrats, Jiagui!

34. June 2017: Hao Liu has received the CSC Fellowship - congratulations to Hao! We also welcome new members to our team: Jiahui Huang, Jin Ho Kang, Dr. Wenting Wang, Dr. Yoo Seung Lee, Martin Henriksen, Olivier Spitz, and Zhangji Zhao.

35. May 2017: Jinghui and Shu-Wei's studies on the Turing THz frequency comb has been selected as one of three finalists in the 2017 Maiman Prize, out of 2,000+ scientific contributions in the annual 2017 Conference on Lasesr and Electro-Optics with 4,000 attendees. Congrats to Jinghui and Shu-Wei!

36. April 2017: Shu-Wei has received the Professorship from the University of Colorado at Boulder, to start this Fall. Congratulations to Prof. Shu-Wei Huang!

37. February 2017: Chee Wei receives the Google Faculty Research Award for chip-scale innovations in communications.

38. February 2017: Jaime and Abhinav's results in precision oscillators and sensing have both been selected as the 2017 Qualcomm PhD finalists! Congratulations to Jaime and Abhinav!

39. January 2017: Heng and Shu-Wei's studies on real-time dynamics of Drude-plasmon solitons on-chip has been accepted into Nature - Light: Science and Applications. Congratulations, Heng and Shu-Wei!

40. January 2017: Jinkang's studies on ultrastable microcavity lasers at the fundamental thermodynamical limits, with OEwaves Inc, has been accepted into Nature Communications. Congratulations, Jinkang!

41. December 2016: UC Office of the President selects our team for a $3.75M (+ $2M additional matching) award on 2D mesoscopic physics and devices. This study spans across campuses, including tight collaboration with national laboratories, and with material scientists, physicists and engineers. [UC Research Initiatives] [Lawrence Livermore National Lab]

42. September 2016: Abhinav wins the 2016 Guru Krupa Fellowship based on his scientific and academic accomplishments! Congrats to Abhinav!

43. August 2016: Heng's studies on six-wave mixing on-chip has been accepted in Laser & Photonics Reviews. Congrats to Heng!

44. April 2016: Shu-Wei and Jinghui's optical frequency comb synthesizer work has been accepted and published in Science Advances, where we observed 2.7x10^(-16) relative inaccuracy for the first time in planar microrings. It is amazing that phase-locked frequency comb on-chip has such uniform spacing. Much congrats to Shu-Wei and Jinghui!

45. April 2016: Jinghui wins the 2016 Scholarship from the Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California. Congrats to Jinghui!

46. March 2016: alumni Xiaodong Yang wins both the 2016 ONR Young Investigator Award and the 2016 NSF CAREER Award in his faculty position. Congrats to Xiaodong!

47. February 2016: Paratou's video on the frequency comb has been posted on the EE website: . Awesome!

48. February 2016: James Lee-Thorpe, Iva, Jinghui, and Prof. Michael Weinstein's work on the topological photonic bound states has been accepted into Phys. Rev. A "as is". Congrats to all!

49. January 2016: Zhenda received the "Thousand Young Talent" Award from China, with the highest level support! Congrats to Zhenda -- he will be transiting to Nanjing University as a faculty member ~ March to July 2016.

50. November 2015: Baicheng's measurements on the graphene pulse generation in random fiber laser has been accepted into Scientific Reports. This is joint work with UESTC and other collaborators - congrats to Baicheng.

51. September 2015: welcome to Bowen Li and Baicheng Yao to visit our team.

52. August 2015: welcome to new team members: Hao Liu, Vito Iaia, Ziqiang Cai, Michael Hoff, Xu Xie, Sumeet Singh, Chanyeol Choi, Yi-Ping Lai, and Parastou Mortazavian. Welcome!

53. July 2015: Shu-Wei and Jinghui's measurements on the low-phase noise 18 GHz Kerr comb has been accepted into Scientific Reports. This is a microcomb that spans one of the most number of frequency modes to date, at ~ 3600 modes and over ~ 65 THz bandwidth. Congarts to Shu-Wei and Jinghui.

54. March 2015: Zhenda's measurements on the biphoton quantum frequency comb has been accepted "as is" in Nature Photonics. These are the measurements of high-dimensional energy-time hyperentanglement, for multi-qubits per photon. This includes observations of the Hong-Ou-Mandel quantum revivial, Franson quantum revival, up to 19 time-bins and violating of the generalized Bell inequality with the high-dimensional qudit state. Congrats to Zhenda!

55. January 2015: Shu-Wei wins the 2015 Air Force Young Investigator Award, on ultrafast and ultrastable frequency microcomb lasers! Congrats on this well-deserved recognition, Shu-Wei! [AirForce] [UCLA]

56. January 2015: Abhinav Kumar, Jaime Flor (a Fulbright scholar), Tyler Holzschuh, Yongnan Li, and Christina Daniel joins the team. Welcome!

57. January 2015: Jinghui receives the 2015 Henry Samueli Fellowship for her PhD studies! Congrats to Jinghui.

58. December 2014: Pin-Chun's studies on transverse Anderson localization of photon transport in disordered photonic crystal superlattice has been accepted at Nature Physics! This is a joint study with University College London, Brookhaven, and Taiwan. Congrats to Pin-Chun.

59. December 2014: Welcome Jing Dong, a PhD candidate, to our team! Pin-Chun successfully defends his thesis - congrats to Pin-Chun!

60. November 2014: Shu-Wei's optical frequency comb studies on mode-locking at 74-fs in a normal dispersion comb has been accepted at Phys. Rev. Lett, along with the fundamental explanation on how the normal dispersion with Q-filtering mode-locking appears. This is a collaborative study with IME and OEwaves. Congrats to Shu-Wei on this impactful demonstration!

61. October 2014: Our integrated optomechanical oscillator and on-chip detector study is published in Scientific Reports, in a team effort with IME and NIST. Congrats to everyone, especially Xingsheng and Yongjun for the key measurements.

52. September 2014: Hao, Tingyi and James' study on graphene four-wave mixing in slow-light photonic crystal waveguides is published in APL. Congrats!

63. September 2014: our scientific team sets up at UCLA, and Che-Hsuan Cheng and Dr. Jinkang Lim joins the team. Welcome Jinkang and Che-Hsuan!

64. July/August 2014: Tingyi's studies on nitride ring optical bistability and dual-ring modulator are published in Optics Express and Optics Letters respectively. Nicely done, Tingyi! In addition, Tingyi joins HP Labs as a postdoc research scientist in the Sept/Oct timeframe - cheers!

65. June 2014: Serdar Kocaman starts as Assistant Professor at the Middle East Technical University. Congrats, Prof. Kocaman!

66. June 2014: Chad Husko is awarded the Alexei Abrikosov Fellowship in Physics, as a scientist at Argonne National Laboratory. Congrats, Dr. Husko!

67. May 2014: Yong-Chun's studies on coupled polaritons in cQED has been published in Phys. Rev. Lett. in joint studies with Prof. Xiao, an alumni visitor to our team, at Peking University. Congrats to Yong-Chun and Prof. Xiao! Congrats to Ying Li for winning the 2014 SPIE optics and photonics Fellowship!

68. May 2014: Dr. Jiagui Wu joins our team as a visiting research scientist - welcome, Jiagui!

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